A few interesting things happened in the NFL last week:

  1. Matt Stafford threw 4 TDs (MVP)
  2. The Patriots lost to the Chiefs (over wins) and looked vulnerable doing it (Field against Pats to win SB)
  3. The Jets look as bad as advertised (Jets under)
  4. The Packers beat the Seahawks (no money, just fuck the Seahawks)

Let’s keep this up!

There were other things I wanted to write about this week. Roman Reigns and John Cena are on fire. Kevin Owens might have had the most interesting segment in months. The new season of Bojack Horseman dropped and gave me a horrifying glance into the looking glass of the future. My thoughts on the new Kesha album (flame emoji out of flame emoji).

But, man, watching those games play out last week (along with a nice little three team teaser) really got my blood pumping. My brain, the brain of a man who doesn’t have a diagnosed gambling problem, only had one thought about what to write about.

“Those other articles are going to have to wait – let’s keep this up.”

And so here we are in week two, fresh off of a thrilling game featuring one of the league’s premier Quarterbacks, Andy Dalton and his incredible competent head coach Marvin Lewis. I know that seems sarcastic (part of it definitely was), a game is always thrilling when you’ve got a little something on it. I’m not the type of guy that’s going to bet this game, I’m not that degenerate, but I know some of my friends who were really sweating something the rest of the country didn’t give a shit about.  So that’s something.

At the end of the day, it’s just entertainment. Or maybe that’s what I keep telling myself. Either way… let’s keep this up.

Baltimore (-.5), Detroit Lions (+10.5), Miami Dolphins (+11.5) in a three team seven point teaser
Baltimore is going to beat Cleveland. I feel very safe in assuming that; Vegas does too. I feel even better about Detroit keeping it within 10 points. The Giants have problems, and beating a team with an offense like the Lions by that much seems like a tall order. Ditto for the Dolphins against the Chargers – Phil Rivers typically isn’t the guy to blow teams out.

New England Patriots -6.5
The Patriots bring Brandin Cooks back into New Orleans and into what should be one of the most hostile stadiums in the league. For whatever reason, the Saints have let that slip a bit in the last few seasons and I expect Tom Brady to come out on fire after a disappointing season opener. I can’t seem them going 0-2, and if they get it done it shouldn’t be close.

Buffalo Bills +260 ML over Panthers
I really like the line and the price here. I think the Panthers might be slightly better, but the Bills looked good enough last week to make the thought of beating a perpetually beat up Cam Newton pretty appetizing. Hearing some of them speak after last week’s game made it very clear that these Bills adore new coach Sean McDermott. You might have heard of the guy when he was coaching Carolina’s defense in the Super Bowl. You can bet he wants to win this one bad the Bills want to do that for him. You can bet they’re thinking one thing.

Let’s keep this up.